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Rhyton Global

is a technical based sales and services organization focused on Automation and SCADA systems & devices including Smart Power Quality Meters for Power Quality analysis & power system monitoring, advanced ( PLC / PAC / RTU ) for SCADA & automation, Early Leak Detection systems for transmission pipelines and...


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News & Blogs

4/26/2017: "Hive" is a software platform for the "Industrial internet of things". 


Using AKKA platform makes it ideal for developement of concurrent, distributed, and resillient message- driven applications.

Good news for NTPM users is that "Hive", among other applications, is a perfect tool to supervise all the NTPMs installed in remore sites. It is  GIS compatible and so the installed devices may be selected according to location as well.    

4/20/2017: Supervising your power system is made even easier. NTPM APP (Netico Insight)  is now available on "Appstore" and "Googleplay"





4/10/2017: New video uploaded on youtube, elaborates how NTPM saves money and time.   

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2/24/2017: New successful test of NTPM in Southern California Edison .....

 2/1/2017: NTPM now detects Voltage Sags as short as 33 milliseconds....