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Industrial Plants

We offer more than a solution for each instance. If you have a small production unit or a huge industrial complex, we can give you options to choose the preferred monitor/ control system. From a simple set of power and energy management devices up to networks of RTU/PLCs with redundant or non redundant configuration, with centralized or distributed  I/Os, and with interface to third party devices and protocols.  
What we have for you include:

  • A variety of RTU/PLCs with several communication protocols (including IEC101, 103,104, Modbus, Profibus,…) with capability of redundant operation, in-built or external modems, make your appropriate monitor/control system .  For a small plant, RTU32S with many protocols and versatile features may be all you need while in an industrial complex, a network of RTU32 controllers and other controllers make your system fluent and efficient. You will also need to monitor and control your plant power (Power Distribution Control System (PDCS)). We propose RTU32 in redundant  mode as best configuration.
  • A collection of Power & Energy Measure / Record/report equipment to help organize your power loads and save on your energy bills. The choice of display and communication ports allows best matching your system needs.  More than 100 electrical parameters measured or calculated with desired precision will be sent to the control center through serial ports (with Modbus RTU protocol) or Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi. The information will also be saved in a SD RAM for months and can be accessed readily with a simple browser, to view the trends of voltages, currents, power factors, etc.
  • Engineering and/ or Training Services, so you won’t need to worry about configuration, test and commissioning of the products you buy.  Beyond that, upon your request, we will do the single lines, I/O mappings, network design, Calculation sheets, bills of material, and many other design tasks related to your project.  

Also, if you are not sure  of which Control Center/ HMI software to use , we can propose appropriate matches for your needs.


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