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Other Applications

Transportation, Traffic Control:



Airports- Use or in airports for Mission critical control systems, landing light, runway control system and ILS (Instrument Landing Systems), Airport parking systems, etc.app_janz_traffic_lights



  • Rural traffic- Use RTUCOM for data communication or use GPRS Communicator to monitor traffic flows and ngestion. Brodersen’s GPRS Communicator is used as a gateway, offering wireless communication between the remote monitoring points and the central control office.

  • Tunnels- Use RTU32 or RTU 32S to monitor and control, via traffic panels. various events such as number of cars, speed, smoke/fire, accidents and closing/ opening of lanes.

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Building Automation, Smart Homes:


  • Use RTU32S in Large complexes or high rises as IBS ( Automated Building Systems) , or in Single family houses as Smart Homes . The versatile features and simplicity of application makes it an ideal choice for BMS (Building management Systems).


  • Use Power/Energy Measure/record/ Report devices to have a comprehensive image of power consumption in the building during hours in a day, days of week, months, seasons, etc. so that you can make corrections to your power loads in order to minimize your energy bills. 


Environment monitoring


  • Use RTU/ PLCs and Telecommunication devices to monitor events such as temperature, humidity, door open/close, alarms such as fire alarms and access control, especially when you need the information of several sites at a central station.