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Power Transmission & Distribution

Electric power usually travels a long distance from a power plant to the consumer outlets. Power plants , HV, MV , and LV substations are networked through hundreds of  miles of distribution power lines to ensure supply of clean and reliable electric power to the huge number of consumers with diverse requirements. With our long experience in Electrical Industry, we can offer the best solutions for each application:

Power plants

  • Industrial units incorporated in a power plant- In the RTU/ PLC Series, use RTU32 or RTU32S which  are excellent choices with their variety of com ports and protocols to connect tsystems are coordinated with each other through interconnection of the o third party devices and easy programming with IEC 61131 standard tools.  Besides, the internal power network feeding various units need supervision and control system (generally referred to as PDCS (Power Distribution Control System)). Fortunately, the same selection of   RTU/ PLCs  with IEC101,103, 104, Profibus  and modbus protocols and with redundant operation capability work for the PDCS as well as process control systems.
  • For Energy Management: use Power/Energy Measure/Record/Report devices keep records of power and energy passing through each feeder. You will want them with a display or simply transmitting the data through Modbus RTU (RS485), Modbus TCP ( Ethernet cable or Wifi) and with SD RAM data storage. With the Wifi communication and built-in  web server, you can monitor the  feeders with any browser on your laptop or your smart phone.

Power Transmission Substations:

  • Substation Automation Systems – We propose RTU32  with  IEC 61850 as well as other protocols.


  • For telemetry and SCADA - A range of RTUs with IEC60870-5 101,103,104 protocols  best will fit your requirements


  • For Energy Management: Power/Energy Measure/Record/Report devicesare good choices, with or without display , with Modbus communication on Serial, Ethernet Line or Wifi and with SD RAM. The Wifi communication along with the built-in  web server, allows you to view the  feeders in the substation with any browser on your laptop or  smart phone.

Power Distribution Substations:

  • RTU32S with a variety of protocols for Substation Automation and SCADA.
  • A choice of GPRS /PSTN modems or SMS Alarm units based on specific requirements.
  • Power/Energy Measure/Record/Report devices For Energy Management.

For all above categories:

  • Engineeringand/ or Training Services, so you won’t  need to worry about configuration, test and commissioning of the products you buy.  Beyond that,  upon your request, we will handle the basic and detail design  tasks including single line diagrams, I/O mappings, network design, Calculation sheets, bills of material, …
    We can also pick your appropriate Control Center/ HMI .



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