SCADA & Automation Pipeline Management  Systems Supply Design



RG-100 is a portable pack specially designed and assembled for up-to-date electricians and power system analyzers.

What is needed to monitor a power circuit, is included in a Dewalt Tough case.   

  •   1x NTPM100
  •   3x clamp-on CTs : 1000A/5A, Class 0.5, wired to NTPM (8ft)
  •   3 pairs 8ft voltage cords with alligator clip for easy connection
  •   Extra power supply for NTPM to withstand short time voltage sags
  •   Wifi router for remote monitoring 
  •   Ethernet patch cable




RG-100  is easy to use: 

  • Place the case on a table close to the panel you need to monitor and open it
  • Plug the NTPM to a power outlet (85-265VAC)
  • Connect the voltage wires V1,V2,V3 to the corresponding phases on the panel (up to 450VAC). The Clips are protected, yet pay extreme attention to avoid touching live parts and conductors  
  • Open I1, I2, I3 CT clamps , put them on the  corresponding feeder conductors (pay attention to the current direction) , and fasten the clamps.   
  • If you prefer to connect through wifi, plug the riuuter to a power receptacle and use the patch cable to connect NTPM to wifi, otherwise use the patch cable to connect NTPM to your computer
  • Open a browser on your computer. Type the NTPM IP address on the browser to connect. Make sure your computer's IP settings are adjusted 
  • Select "Settings" and set up date, time (you can simply click on the button to sync with your computer time) 
  • Navigate through the NTPM real time, history, or trend pages pages as you need (normally you had better allow at least a few hours for the history data to be recorded)
  • Use your readings for load study report, system diagnosis, etc.