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  • Project name: Early Leak Detection System
  • Customer: Motorola, Israel
  • End customer: Transnafta
  • Locations:
  • Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Pančevo, Serbia
  • Pipeline length: 154km


Pan European Oil Pipeline – PEOP
Oil pipeline from Constanta in Romania via Serbia and Croatia to Rijeka, and from there through Slovenia to Trieste in Italy.



Install Netico leak detection and anti-theft system solution, and integrate with equipment that is already installed on the pipeline. Monitor 154km long pipeline from Sotin(Croatia) to Pančevo(Serbia).



Leak Hunter installed and interfaced with Wizcon SCADA on two locations (Pančevo, and Novi Sad).Leak Hunter communicates with Maestro 2010 via OPC. Leak Hunter OPC client supports dual/redundant OPC server connection. Communication interface uses both DA (Data Access) and HDA (History Data Access). HDA OPC enables Leak Hunter to perform backward history analysis and tuning.


Implemented functionality

•   Pipeline monitoring
•    Dual interfacing
•    Batches tracking
•    Pig Scraper tracking
•    Leak detection
Customer benefits

•    Improved pipeline security
•    Easier system management
•    Reduced maintenance costs
•    Reduced losses



System composition

  • The pipeline is divided in two segments, from Sotin to Novi Sad and from Novi Sad to Pančevo.
  • Each of the dual SCADA servers running Control Maestro 2010, controls it’s own pipeline segment. Servers are located in Novi Sad and Pančevo.
  • SCADA servers in Novi Sad and Pančevo exchange presentation data.
  • Each block-out-station along the pipeline is equipped with Motorola AC3600 RTU that monitors and controls pressure (2 x Siemens pressure meters), and temperature (Siemens temperature meters). RTUs also provide block valve monitoring and control (Rotork) and other non leakage detection parameters.
  • SCADA servers communicate with RTU-s mostly using TCP Modbus and proprietary Siemens protocols over local LAN and optical fibre.


Serbia Leak Hunter project

Crude oil pipeline – segment DN-1 (63 km, 26”)

Serbia Leak Hunter project