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Projects- Water/Waste Water


Water Utility:  Thames Water, UK

  • Project Name: Water Management Systems rennovation (frame agreement)
  • End user: Thames Water / England
  • Period: 3013 to 2020
  •  Description:  On 17 May 2013 - Brodersen has been awarded the contract to supply more than 1500 telemetry outstations to Thames Water in frameworks AMP5 and AMP6 extending to 2020. The contract supports the further strengthening and extension of Brodersen in the United Kingdom.Thames Water is the UK's biggest water and sewerage company with around 14 million customers across London and the Thames Valley. Thames Water daily supplies 2.6 gigalitres of drinking water and treats 4 gigalitres of drinking water. Jim Grandison Thames Water’s Technical Manager said “The work that Brodersen is doing is an important part of our SCADA investment programme. We are replacing a total of 8,500 obsolete units across the water and waste water networks. This new generation of advanced technology devices will provide Thames with up-to-date information to help us to reduce flooding, reduce the incidence and impact of low water pressure and lead to better customer service. We are really pleased to be working with Brodersen who are showing a commitment and level of technical competence needed to meet a very challenging delivery programme.”

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Water Utility:  Anglian Water, UK

  • Project Name: Water Management Systems 
  • End user: Anglian Water – Peterborough/ England
  • Consultant: LogicaCMG – UK
  • Period: 1992 to date
  • Description: LogicaCMG of London, England has worked in partnership with Brodersen Control Systems Ltd on supply of over 5,000 Brodersen Medina Bus and I/O modules to Anglian Water Services Ltd, Peterborough, England. The supply and installation of modules  covered the period 1992 to 2000 and over several Anglian Water Services capital projects, amounting to around £2,000,000 total.   Brodersen has also been supplying RTUs to Anglian Water since 2005.

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Water Utility : Yorkshire Water, UK

  • Project Name: Water Management Systems 
  • End user: Yorkshire Water - UK
  • Consultant: LogicaCMG – UK
  • Period: 1998 to date
  • Description: LogicaCMG has worked in partnership with Brodersen on supplying over 3,000 Brodersen RTUs for a segmented network with special DF1 interface for Allen Bradley PLCs. The RTUs are used for water & waste treatment works' monitoring and control as well as simple monitoring of pumping stations, wet wells and boreholes etc.

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Water Utility:  United Utilities – UK

  • Project Name: Water Monitoring and Control
  • End user: United Utilities
  • Period: 2001 to date
  • Description: Preferred supplier of industrial GSM modem for telemetry.

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Water & Waste Water Utility: Dublin Corporation – Ireland


  • Project Name: Water & Wastewater
  • End user: Dublin Corporation Consultant: MetaSphere  Contractors:   Period: 1998 to date 
  • Description: Supply of RTUs and GSM modems for water and wastewater treatment as well as simple monitoring of pumping stations, wet wells and boreholes etc.


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Waste Water:  Wasserverband Eifel Ruhr – Germany

  • Project Name: Wastewater
  • End user: Eifel Ruhr Verband Aachen  
  • 2003 Phase 1, 2005 Phase 2
  • Description: Monitoring, control and metering of wastewater network. Connection of wastewater treatment plant via PSTN/leased line with zenOn used for HMI interface. A turnkey project.

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